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Bioelectric Wound Healing

Electric stimulation as a means for wound healing has been recognized as safe and effective in many studies and has been used successfully to reduce risk of infection, decrease pain and inflammation, and enhance wound healing. Endogenous electrical activity is normally present between cells in mammalian skin. With skin injury, physiologic electrical activity helps cells migrate throughout the wound site. This electrical signal is essential to the cascade of reactions and processes required to achieve wound healing. Studies show that cells are transported along electrical current lines which are generated in wounds via a process called galvanotaxis.

Fibroblasts, keratinocytes, neutrophils, and mast cells migrate in the presence of low level micro-currents. The addition of external micro-voltage significantly enhances this process. Pathogenic cells such as bacteria, fungi and viruses also have electrical activity. Numerous studies have shown that external electric current is lethal to electrically charged microbes, while providing a beneficial stimuli to wound healing in the host.


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